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Imagine being in a situation where you wanted to alert someone you needed help, but didn’t have time to get out your phone, put in the passcode, scroll through the contacts, dial the number, wait for an answer and so on.

Now, thanks to a new App developed by a Coffs Harbour man, all you have to do to send a distress signal to your loved ones is simply press one small discrete eButton.

Ian Kinny said he designed the eButtonApp after his elderly neighbour underwent heart surgery and his family discussed moving him into a nursing home for their peace of mind.

“My neighbour is quite mobile so any home based solution such as a medical alarm wasn’t going to cut the mustard,” Mr Kinny said.

“The idea of him being able to take his eButton with him if he was out gardening, playing tennis or bridge, or even out at a restaurant, all he would have to do is press one button to alert his family if he started feeling unwell and they would know immediately it was him, where he was and that he needed help.”

Ian said the eButton initiates an SMS via the eButtonApp installed on your smart phone that tells your loved ones exactly where you are and sends location updates if you are moving.

“The Bluetooth Smart eButton is also perfect for females travelling on public transport, tradesmen, shop assistants working alone, professionals or anyone, anywhere who wants to send a discrete SMS to a nominated series of contacts,” Mr Kinny said.

“A vital part of the concept is that the eButton works for a range up to 20m from the phone.

“What this means is if you are a person operating a store alone, or a professional in a surgery situation, you don’t have to carry your phone around. It can be in a central location and you only need to carry the eButton which is small, weighs 12grams and costs just $29.95.”

The former civil engineer, who has had a keen interest in computers since the 1980s decided 12 months ago he would start his own business developing Apps.

“I’ve got a few other Apps in mind as well but wanted to launch this one first because I think there’s a strong market out there for this kind of thing,” Mr Kinny said.

Ian credited Enterprise & Training Company Limited (ETC) for helping him get his idea off the ground.

“ETC has been spectacular. I wouldn’t have got here without ETC. I’ve had all sorts of assistance from digital marketing advice, assistance with building websites, small business management training and lots of mentoring and guidance,” Mr Kinny said.

For further information about eButtonApp and the eButton visit www.ebutton.com.au

If you would like help turning your great business idea into reality, contact ETC for business advice and guidance on 1800 007 400.



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