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When you choose to open a business, your road to success and satisfaction is smoother if you follow something that you’re passionate about.

That’s the type of attitude a local small business owner Heather Humphreys has taken on board with her HeatherJoy Skincare range.

“My customers are a true joy and a strong, supportive force behind everything I do.” Ms Humpreys said.

“I love providing them with safe, natural, high-quality products”.

Ms Humphreys started handcrafting soap for her infant daughter in 1999. While juggling a part-time job with being a Mum, she launched her pure olive oil soaps in 2001.

Customers grew to love the quality and gentleness of Heather’s soaps, and requests for complementary products of an equally high standard started to flow. With a strong background in both horticultural research and creative arts, and a lifelong interest in simple living, it wasn’t long before she had formulated and perfected a ‘no junk’, all natural range that saw the birth of HeatherJoy as a brand.

“I’ve recently launched my website, transitioning my hand-crafted skin care range from being a local market based business to an online e-commerce business,” Ms Humphreys said.

“The last few months have been very intense, refining my product range, launching new labelling and increasing production in time to exhibit at the recent Tastings on Hastings event”.

Ms Humphreys shares her tips for others who are thinking of starting up their own business:

  • Be aware of why you’re going into business. If it’s just to give yourself a job, then don’t.
  • Stick with what’s right for you and your business. Don’t compare yourself to others too much ­– it will bog you down – find your uniqueness and keep it.
  • There are skills and knowledge you don’t have – accept that you will need help.
  • Only do the tasks you are confident with – seek out others for the rest. Trying to learn new skills you don’t really need (like web design!) will put you off track.
  • Seek out a business coach from the start –­ this will prevent a lot of heartache and wasted time and dollars. You will need someone outside of your business that can support you in staying clear and focused when the going gets tough.

“I was so lucky to find Marilyn from ETC. She’s been working with me for the past 12 months and has been a wonderful sounding board. She has stuck by me through it all, helping me to clarify my purpose, why I’m actually doing this business, and keeping me focused”, Ms Humphreys comments.

Check out the exciting new website for HeatherJoy Skincare  www.heatherjoy.com.au

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