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A plate of food which Blayde cooked himself

19 year old Blayde Hopper knew when he left school he wanted to work in the Hospitality industry.

He searched around his local area for potential employment, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia it put his job searching on hold.

“It was a difficult time for me when the Coronavirus forced businesses to close, because this was the industry I really wanted to work in and was most passionate about,” Blayde said.

Apprentice Chef Blayde holding his dish

Once Hospitality venues were allowed to reopen, Blayde was back applying straight away and quickly secured a Chef Apprenticeship during the pandemic with help from ETC.

“I was signed up to ETC’s Yes Chef Apprenticeship Program and I’m really enjoying it. My role involves prep work before service and then during service I make salads and do some cooking. Hemmingways Bar and Grill is a great venue to work at,” he said.

Blayde said his family were really proud of him for securing his first fulltime job.

“My family are so stoked for me. I’ve enjoyed trying out new stuff (cooking) at home and talking about my day with them,” he said.

Blayde is undertaking a three year Apprenticeship with hopes to be a Head Chef one day.

“Life is very busy at the moment between work and study – but it’s totally worth it!” he said.

“ETC have made it a lot easier for me as all my training and assessment is completed on-site. It’s really handy being able to demonstrate real life things in my workplace to my Trainer. Plus ETC helped pay for my new work uniform which was nice.”

Blayde said that despite the current pandemic he feels safe to go to work in Hospitality industry.

“There are a lot of hygienic practices in place. I just really enjoy working, so the experience is worth it,” he said.

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Find out more about our Yes Chef program here.

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