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Self-Employment Assistance training and workshops for new and existing small businesses

Workforce Australia – Self-Employment Assistance provided by ETC, gives you guidance, networking and mentoring opportunities. We’ll help you to grow, develop best-practice and improve management and operating processes. Depending on your individualised journey we offer rolling starts and/or one on one servicing.  

Exploring Self-Employment Workshops

Exploring Self-Employment Workshops help Participants to make informed decisions about whether to pursue self-employment.

Workshops help participants to:

  • gain a better understanding of what’s involved when starting a business
  • generate a business idea (if required)
  • validate your business idea, and
  • make an informed decision as to whether self-employment is right for you.

Participants will have access to an experienced advisor throughout the course.

Business Plan Development

Tailored, expert, one-on-one advice to help you develop a business plan and decide if self-employment is right for you.

 A business plan helps new and existing micro-business owners focus on the steps necessary to make their business succeed.

Small Business Training

Small Business Training is online training for up to 8 weeks and is occurring regularly across all our regions.

Once completed you will receive accredited qualifications in the Microbusiness Skill set, with particular focus on investigating business opportunities and researching and developing business plans.

Small Business Training is a Services Australia approved activity for a maximum of 8 weeks which fully meets the Mutual Obligation Requirements of Participants receiving activity-tested Income Support Payments. This means that Participants with Mutual Obligation Requirements do not have to undertake activities (such as monthly job search requirements or a Points-Based Activation System (PBAS) requirement) while participating in Small Business Training.

Small Business Coaching

Up to 12 months of coaching/mentoring to ensure your business is operating effectively and is commercially viable.

ETCs Self-Employment Assistance workforce are current or previous business owners from a range of different industries in Australia. They can also assist with referring to external experts as required.

Business Advice Sessions

Business Advice sessions can provide short, targeted periods of tailored assistance to suitable participants. This may be because you only need a few meetings prior to establishing your business rather than a 12 month coaching program. You may be an eligible business owner who needs advice on a particular aspect of your business. (i.e applying for a loan or tailored marketing advice) or even a former participant who has completed NEIS or Self Employment Assistance and still needs help to ensure commercial viability. If you are unsure please speak to our friendly team today!

Business Health Checks

Business Health Checks are aimed at supporting with up to 3 hours of individualised tailored support to analyse, develop an action plan to ensure business viability and identify forms of support.

A business Health Check session could include:

Understanding the Financial health of the Business, understanding the business model. Any risk assessments, performance improvement planning, business relationships and staff wellbeing, helping to engage with the local ecosystem or any matter raised as impacting viability.

Workforce Australia – Self-Employment Assistance

ETC provides Self-Employment Assistance across NSW and QLD, to see if this program is delivered by ETC in your area, view our locations page – Find your closest ETC site >

You can also find a full list of providers across Australia on workforceaustralia.gov.au.

Small Business Success Stories

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    ETC’s New Business Assistance with NEIS Program gives creative florist the tools to start her own successful small business With a lifelong passion for creativity, Kim began working as a florist when she was only 16 years old. “I’m someone who needs to do a job where I can be creative, I couldn’t do one … Read more
  • NEIS Program helps architect follow his passion to start creative business
    NEIS Program participant learns the fundamental skills of small business After graduating from university with a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Mark had no idea how unready he was to tackle the challenges of starting his own small business. “I felt that there was a cone of silence around the business insights needed to run a … Read more
  • Business Startup Story – Just Enough Beach
    We met with Lisa Wright the Owner of Just Enough Beach who shares her business startup story and tips to help other small businesses. You can watch our interview with Lisa or read the breakdown below. Tell us about your business “We create candles and diffusers that smell as beautiful as they look. Our natural … Read more
  • How NEIS Program helps beauty therapist open a dream Beauty Salon
    Job seeker learns how to overcome her anxiety and start a flourishing small business After being bullied throughout school, 22-year-old Breanna wanted to pursue a career that would help other people to feel good about themselves – which led to the start of her own successful business in beauty therapy. Breanna enrolled into a hair … Read more
  • NEIS Program helps timber enthusiast to turn hobby into his dream job
    Coffs Coast local Ken Cowden took a leap of faith by starting his own business so he could pursue his passion for timber. After a nine-year stint working for a University, Mr Cowden found himself with the classic Monday-morning-itis and knew it was time for a change. “I got to a point where I thought, … Read more
  • NEIS Program teaches artist how to start a ceramics business
    Ceramic Artist follows her passion and helps to save the environment Sally Flannery has followed her passion by starting her own small business as a Ceramic Artist and has already received an overwhelming response since its establishment. Sally’s self-named business is proving popular due to its unique and environmentally friendly products including keep cups, essential … Read more


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