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Ann Fernando has been looking for work for the past two years.

“I always thought the dream job would be to work in a resort,” Ms Fernando said.

“Being a mum I’m pretty experienced at cleaning, but I don’t have any formal training.”

Ann and a group of 10 others recently took part in an intensive 6-day housekeeping short course, delivered in partnership between ETC and Opal Cove Resort.

Ann was excited to be one of four lucky people to be offered casual work at Opal Cove Resort as soon as the course finished.

“I didn’t expect to be offered work so soon,” Ms Fernando said.

“My children are really proud of me.”

Another mother who has made her family proud is Jodi Pagey.

“I left my job at an Abbatoir in Victoria last year so I could move up here and be closer to my kids,” Ms Pagey said.

“I’ve been unemployed since October so it’s definitely good to be working again.”

ETC’s National Training Manager Karen Busby said the purpose of having the training delivered in industry was to ensure that the students could learn and be assessed on the job to ensure the training was hands-on and relevant.

“We really appreciate Opal Cove Resort for coming on board with us to deliver this type of training, because we know it works,” Ms Busby said.

“The participants undertook two days of theory at ETC and then four days of practical at Opal Cove Resort which included being shown how to carry out particular duties, working in a buddy situation and then finally working independently.”

Opal Cove Resort’s Business Development Manager Leah Holmes said the course provided an ideal opportunity to source suitable new employees.

“It can often be difficult finding people with the right skills who have been taught the right way,” Ms Holmes said.

“People may have everything we need on paper but have not been trained to resort standards.

“We welcome the opportunity to nurture new recruits, show them our standards and procedures and to have the backing of ETC as a training provider – it’s a win/win situation.”

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