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Epicureans rejoice!!

A new product is about to hit restaurants and good food establishments across the country. It is ethically farmed and guaranteed to be popular.

Misty Mountain Snails has now launched its operations to the public. The company produces the food delicacy Escargot and its Mid North Coast farm aims to cater not only to the restaurant trade but also to the broader gourmet consumer market.

The Misty Mountain edible snails are farmed on a 50 acre property located in the beautiful Bellingen Valley surrounded by lush rainforests complete with a meandering river.

The enterprise is the brainchild of Karen Ross who started snail farming in January 2015. The healthy produce is grown in a chemical free environment and humanely harvested. The produce is delivered live in a Styrofoam box by courier or personally delivered. The snails are purged for market which means they are ready for cooking on arrival.

“We have one of the few farms in Australian that produce edible snails” Karen said.

“Our product is guaranteed to be ethically grown in a snail friendly environment. The majority of products currently available in Australia come from China and other Asian countries and the difference is that we can guarantee our product locally grown and fresh.”

Karen is excited about the future potential of the business due to its ethical and unique produce.

She does require five days’ notice prior to any order however, this she says, ensures that the product is prepared in a way that guarantees it reaches its destination in the freshest possible state.

Karen works closely with ETC Business Advisors who are assisting her to establish and grow her business profile across NSW and Australia.

Enquiries can be directed to Karen Ross by phoning or via email mistymountainsnails@hotmail.com

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