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Refugees Saela and Fadi enter the workforce

ETC supports refugees to gain skills and confidence to enter the workforce

Syrian refugees Saela Qarandal and her son Fadi Hassan are beaming with joy after finally gaining employment in their new home town of Coffs Harbour.

After a two year struggle of finding employment, they are now proudly working at Rozana Charcoal Chicken performing customer service, cooking and cleaning duties.

The owner Abir Saad said she couldn’t have asked for better people to work for her.

“Fadi gives a really nice vibe and energy to the place. So many customers keep coming back because of him and his mum. And Saela is a very nice lady – she’s such a hard working woman!” said Mrs Saad.

Saela and Fadi received support from many organisations upon their arrival to the country including Centrelink, SSI refugee settlement, and jobactive provider ETC.

“Saela didn’t think she would be able to work in Australia. She felt like because of her age and that she was making slow progress with her English studies that maybe it was an unattainable goal for her. Fadi would attend regular appointments with his mum to help translate for her” said ETC Jobs Advisor Aaron Gee.

“When they came to us they had some experience from working overseas and some really good skills. We had attempted to find some work for them but it presented a lot of challenges. We worked through those challenges and helped them maintain a positive mindset. We were all so thrilled when they were offered the position at Rozana’s.”

Saela and Fadi were both appreciative of the support from ETC and Rozana Charcoal Chicken to help them get their first jobs in Australia.

“We’re very happy to be working here. Thank you Danny and Aaron at ETC and thank you Abir our boss. Thank you all very much,” they said.

Ms Saad said she felt so pleased that she was able to help Saela and Fadi.

“I wish I could do more and hire everybody because I know most of the refugees here all want to work and they all have nice attitudes,” she said.

“It’s so nice to see smiles on Saela and Fadi’s faces and that this is something special for them. I wish all the best for them.”

ETC’s CEO Jenny Barnett said research published by the Department of Jobs and Small Business showed that while refugees could find entering the labour market very challenging, Australian employers valued their contribution and skills.

“A recent survey by the Dept. asking employers about their experiences and attitudes to hiring refugees found that many reported positive outcomes after hiring a refugee, or had positive views on the benefits of hiring refugees,” said Mrs Barnett

“As a jobactive provider, ETC believes that everyone in Australia should have an equal opportunity to find work and succeed. We encourage businesses to give our refugee customers a chance to prove themselves in the working environment.”

If you would like to speak to someone further about hiring a refugee, contact ETC’s Business Relationship Team on 1800 007 400 or visit one of our offices.



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