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By Mark Richardson

Knowing where and how to invest your money can feel like learning to drive.

Think of your money as vehicles travelling along various roads that can help you reach your lifestyle goals. Sometimes the road rules change and faster routes are built. And sometimes you can get a flat tyre or make the wrong turn; which delays your trip.

Having a qualified professional, like a Financial Planner, guide you through the maze of roads and road rules could get you to your destination much sooner.

Using a financial expert

Just like any other professional service, a Financial Planner is trained to advise you on a range of financial matters – helping to build, manage and protect your wealth.

Your financial future could look brighter by:

• improving your household budget

• reducing your debts and taxes

• saving or investing for something special

• buying or renovating a home, paying it off sooner or investing in property

• protecting your wealth and those that are important to you

• making a lifestyle change

• preparing for a comfortable retirement, and

• making the most of your retirement income and any government payments.

What does a Financial Planner do?

A Financial Planner is a personal coach for your money. They bring the right knowledge, expertise and guidance to identify and help you achieve your specific lifestyle goals. It means you’ll also be partnered with a qualified professional who’s committed to helping you realise your financial possibilities.

Once your Financial Planner has a good understanding of your particular needs, they’ll explain if and how they can help and explain any associated fees and payment options.

This approach ensures that you’re always in control – clearly understanding what you’ll get from your Financial Planner and how you’ll be charged for their services before agreeing to anything.



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