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Billy at work holding a tray

16 year old Billy Briggenshaw is an inspiration to the youth workforce.

Starting off at the tender age of 10, Billy volunteered in a canteen at a motorbike club for five years to gain experience for his future.

“Volunteering was great – it helped me to count money, learn about customer service and to have patience. I didn’t get paid for it, I chose to do it,” Billy said.

When he was finally old enough to officially join the workforce, Billy landed himself a casual job at Domino’s pizza, in addition to his existing volunteer work.

“Working two jobs was busy, but I really enjoyed it,” he said.

A few years later, Billy had to move to the Tweed Coast to be with family, so he approached Transition to Work (TtW) provider ETC as he was really keen to find a new job locally.

“A week later I was employed with Bakers Delight – working 40 hours per week and signed up to a three year Baking Apprenticeship.”

Determined to prove to his new employer that he was committed to his job, Billy has been turning up to work early and riding his push bike to work in the middle of winter for his 6am starts.

“It gets a bit cold, but you just have to do it to commit to your job. It’s important to have good work ethic and try your best,” Billy said.

“I really enjoy my job, it’s pretty easy going and I get along well with the staff. The best part about my job is probably all the free food.”

Billy said it was nice to have more independence that came with working full-time.

“I can buy things for myself and not have to ask my parents. I’m also saving money for getting my license and a car soon.”

So what does the future hold for young Billy?

“I want to work my way up to be a Chef on a cruise ship travelling the world cooking food for people,” he said.

Billy shares his advice for other young people:

“Give anything a go. If you don’t like it, there’s always other opportunities. Managers are looking for people out there who are keen and ready to work. What you put on your Resume – stick to it, keep to your word.”

Billy said he was very impressed with the service he received from ETC’s Transition to Work program.

“I was only seeing them for about a week and got a job straight away. ETC are there to help you with anything, it’s a great place. They organised for me some work shoes, clothes and a mobile phone.”

Transition to Work (TtW) is designed to help young people aged 15-21 who are early school leavers or those who have had difficulty entering employment after school.

ETC TtW Gold Coast Operations Manager Selena Baillie said TtW focused on building a young person’s skills, confidence and readiness to enter employment.

“As a TtW provider, ETC has experience working with disengaged and disadvantaged young people and has strong links with employers, community services and schools in our local community,” Ms Baillie said.

“You don’t have to be registered with ETC to receive our services, however eligibility will depend on your circumstances.”

If you are 15-21 and are not sure where you are heading, or need help getting some skills and finding a job, TtW is for you!

The program is tailored to your individual needs and features a range of workshops for you to choose from. Enterprise & Training Company (ETC) delivers TtW on the Mid North Coast and North Coast regions of NSW and on the Gold Coast. Our fun, friendly and professional team are here to help you access pathways to employment, education or both. They can help you map out your career goals, the skills you need and help you plan how to get there.

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