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If you’re like most people, your goals reflect what’s important to you. And goals can really matter. Not only do they help you visualise your future, they can bring structure, meaning and motivation to your life. Research suggests that goals can also help you become happier and more positive.

A recent Australian study shows nearly half of those surveyed dream about the future every few weeks. So it’s likely your goals and aspirations are on your mind.

Why having goals can make you happier

All of us have an inbuilt reward process in our brains called the dopamine system. Every time we do something that aligns with our values (like reaching a goal), a feel-good chemical gets released to make us feel happier. It’s nature’s way of encouraging positive behaviours.

Reaching goals can help us live a more positive life too. Even if we don’t always get there, having a goal to work towards helps focus our attention—and this is good for our wellbeing.

But wait, there’s more

It doesn’t stop there. Reaching our goals also has a good effect as it boosts our self-belief that we can do it again.

So what are your goals?

Whatever your goals, we’re here to help

We all have goals, sometimes we just need help reaching them. At [practice name} we can help you explore your goals from different angles, with Goals 360. It’s an innovative approach to advice that combines interactive technology and our personalised expert help ?you might be surprised what you discover.

DFM Financial has always been committed to providing the best possible advice. We believe that everyone can achieve their goals and by partnering with AMP Advice, we know we can provide a truly unique experience to bring these goals to life. For more information give us a call on 02 6652 6977 or visit dfmgroup.com.au

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