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Jason with one of his employees

We met with Jason Shaw the General Manager at Hogs Breath Coffs Harbour to get the inside scoop to help job seekers.

“We understand how hard it is for young people to get their foot in the door somewhere without any experience. So we really want to give the local youth an opportunity – that first job – to gain some skills and help them later on in life.”

What qualities do you look for when hiring staff?

It doesn’t matter what your background is (whether you have experience or not), as long as you have a passion for what you do and the drive to want to work hard. We provide all of the training and tools to help build up our new recruits and help them to reach their goals. We hire more for attitude than skill. Skills can be taught on the job, whereas attitude can’t.

What stands out to you in a Resume?

I prefer face to face contact with people rather than a piece of paper. I like to see the attitude candidates bring with them as opposed to just words on paper.

Interview Tips

Bring a positive can-do attitude, be honest, be confident and show us that you actually want to work.

Thanks Jason!

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