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Would you like to find out what employers want in the Aged Care industry?

We met with Tracy Burling, Residential Manager at BaptistCare Kularoo Centre to gain insight to help job seekers who are interested in an Aged Care career.

What qualities do you look for when hiring staff?

If you can show a genuine empathy for others and have the right attitude about caring for and loving people who are ageing, you’re on the right track. Keeping in mind that people in residential aged care may prefer to be living at home, it’s important staff recognise that they are working in somebody else’s home. 

The staff who thrive within aged care are those who truly see that it’s a privilege to be the one providing assistance to people who are vulnerable and who are at a point in their lives when they need some help.

  • Be patient
  • Be kind
  • Be empathetic
  • Be non-judgemental
  • Be everything that you hope someone would be for you – in the event that you need some help 

If you can manage all of this to your very best each day, then you will do well in aged care.

Interview Tips

I conduct all interviews with a resident in the room and I watch very carefully the interaction between applicants and residents.

I think that ease of interaction is something that you can’t falsify. That’s either authentic or it’s not. 

We’re looking for that connectivity; how comfortable you are interacting with one of our residents and how communicative you are. 

Be friendly, polite, be engaging – if that comes easily to you, again, you will do well in aged care.

Are you interested in an Aged Care career?

A career in Aged Care will help you make a difference in the community. Learn how to look after an older person’s care needs, support their individual health and wellbeing. The aged care industry is flexible and rewarding. Training in this industry will provide you with the necessary foundations to embark on a care-giving career.

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