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Would you like to find out what employers want in the Fast Food industry?

We met with Megan Barry, Manager of Subway Park Beach Plaza, to gain insight to help job seekers who are interested in working in the Fast Food sector.

Watch the video interview here or you can read a breakdown below.

What stands out to you in a Résumé?

As a hiring manager, the best Resumes I see are ones that show me enough about you as a person. To me a Resume should show a fair bit of information in a concise way. Don’t waste time with over-the-top decoration or embellishment – allow the information to speak for itself. 

Before sending a Resume out into the world, take a long look at it and objectively think, ‘would I hire me?’ and if the answer is no, then keep editing!

Interview Tips

To me I find it very important for an interviewee to present themselves with physically-clean clothes and excellent grooming. Doing this shows you care about appearance and therefore if I was to hire you, you would take care of your uniform and keep the store tidy. 

If you’re a little bit nervous, say so! It’s completely reasonable. Just take a deep breath before attempting each question and don’t rush it. Please focus and look your interviewer in the eyes when you speak to them! If you can’t do that, any potential employer will automatically assume you couldn’t do it with customers either. Don’t be afraid to show confidence in yourself without allowing yourself to come across as arrogant.

To summarise:

  • Do: take the time to have pride in your appearance. First impressions definitely matter.
  • Don’t: Look sideways, up or down when answering questions.
  • Do: look your interviewer in the eyes.
  • Don’t: confuse confidence with arrogance
What qualities do you look for when hiring staff?

When I interview a potential Trainee, I am generally looking for people who can communicate well, who have passion for what they do, are eager to learn and put in 110% effort. 

I love signing up Trainees that are interested in this particular industry because I know that it will benefit them and they will be happy here. To me happy staff equal hardworking staff and that is something I strive to have my team consist of.

Thanks Megan!

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