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We met with David Waite the Park Custodian of Timbertown to get some advice for job seekers around Resumes, Social Media pages and being punctual.

You can watch our interview with David here, otherwise there is a breakdown below.

What qualities do you look for when hiring staff?

 “A can-do attitude for sure. I don’t reflect on people’s past, or their current situation (I like to think their disabilities are actually abilities). If you’re prepared to come out and be punctual, have a good go at the job description, in a friendly manner – because we’re all about the visitors here and providing them a good experience. I think if you’re willing to do that, then it’s a win-win situation.”

What stands out to you in a Resume?

“Quite honestly, where someone hasn’t had a large number of jobs over a very short period of time. 

I really like Resume’s where people have perhaps, moved to the area, have struggled to find a job because they don’t know anyone locally and just really want an opportunity to start somewhere.”

What other tips can you give?

“I think first of all, if you’re really keen to apply for a job, you need to look at how your social media platforms are set up. Because some people have horrific Facebook pages which are public for everyone to see. As an employer myself and most other employers I know, if we can look at someone’s public social media page – then we will as part of the recruiting process. 

 Also, we learn a lot by how someone answers the phone, or even how they never answer the phone. So being punctual is always a stand-out”

Thanks David

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