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Researchers have recently discovered that people in coworking spaces thrive more than office workers.

So what makes them so effective and productive?

Co-working spaces are membership-based communal workplaces used by diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers and other independent professionals.

The three keys factors that allow people to thrive in coworking spaces are being able to “bring your whole self” to the workspace; feeling part of a community and having autonomy.

Having a workplace community also helps coworkers create structure and discipline that motivates them. By bringing your work out of the home office it provides a mental space for people to ‘legitimise’ the time spent on the business and also gets them away from household distractions that can eat into the productive hours of the day.

It also provides people with a bit of a sanity break, being able to share your experiences as you go through the trials and tribulations of getting a new product out the door, a new business off the ground or that deadline completed.

For start-ups, people who have taken the brave steps to turn that idea into a business, working from a coworking space (even for only one day a week) provides a signal to yourself (and others) that you are taking it seriously. By dedicating time to work on the business, making decisions and action rather than analysing, things start to happen.

And this has been the experience in Coffs Harbour.

Coffs Harbour’s very own coworking hub is known as 6 Degrees. It is an initiative of the City Prosperity Group within Coffs Harbour City Council which wanted to create a space in Coffs Harbour where people could come to work, share, collaborate and receive inspiration from other like-minded people.

6 Degrees has evolved from pop-ups in various city locations and is now operating from the Coffs Coast Community College in City Square where it is free for members to use every Tuesday from 9-5.

To date, membership has been sourced from artisans, developers, editors, educators, illustrators, freelancers, entrepreneurs and consultants.

As we have been establishing the need for coworking, 6 Degrees members and supporters have been looking for a more regular and permanent option. The Coffs Harbour Innovation Centre is the obvious choice. It has been a place for start-ups and small businesses to grow since 2001.

And with the recent installation of fast, reliable broadband with NBN, the opportunity is here for our coworkers.

We are currently taking expressions of interest in working in the space at the Innovation Centre. To find out more, phone the Coordinator on 66588199 or email coordinator@coffsinnovation.com.au.

Looking forward to a new start for Coffs businesses!



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