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Knowing exactly who your customers are is a crucial part of running a business but you would be surprised how many business owners can’t clearly define their customer base.

We often hear responses like “our customers are everyone” or “anyone with money”.

For example, a professional photographer recently told me her customers were anyone who could get their photo taken from a baby to a grandparent. So I asked the photographer how often she received enquiries from 3 year olds.  The look I received had “don’t be ridiculous” written all over it. So I asked what types of photographic jobs she preferred to do and was told she specialised in weddings and family portraits. I then asked who was it that made the enquiries for these type of photo shoots and was told “generally the bride-to-be” and “mums” – now she knows quite specifically who she should be marketing to.

So before you can think about selling a product or service, you need to define clearly and understand your customer. It may sound obvious but it is crucial to every aspect of starting a business, from writing a business plan, designing a website, or planning a marketing strategy!



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