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Wingham’s Kenney LeMire has turned his hobby and passion for sustainable building materials into a budding new business.

“I am an architectural graduate and worked for architectural firms for several years but I became disgruntled with commercial architecture and decided it was time to do something that made me happy,” Mr LeMire said.

Kenney enrolled in ETC’s delivery of the Federal Government-funded New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) Program (now known as the Self-Employment Assistance program as of 1 July 2022) to help him establish and grow his own business, Lucid Space Design.

“The financial assistance you receive whilst on the NEIS Program provides a bit of security when you are just starting out in business and trying to get your name out there,” Mr LeMire said.

“The small business training (Certificate III in Micro Business Operations) was also really good. I learnt things such as identifying your target market, market research, and the importance of having a business plan.

Kenney said he also appreciated the mentoring support of an experienced Business consultant provided as part of the NEIS program.

Lucid Space Design specialises in the creation of bamboo installation pieces for festivals, events and exhibitions as well as commissioned pieces such as bamboo pavilions for private clients.

“Now the summer festival season is over we’re focussing on delivering bamboo workshops which give people a hands-on practical guide to building and working with bamboo,” Mr LeMire said.

“Our next workshop is being offered in Failford from 17-18 May and will teach people how to build a round pavilion.

“The workshop will also cover topics such as the growing and harvesting of bamboo, curing and treating of bamboo poles and joining techniques.”

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