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Tyler, Tashana, Ben, Lachie and Reiner

We interviewed some young people to ask about their experience with ETC and the Transition to Work (TtW) service.

TtW is designed to help and support you in achieving your employment or education goals. If you are 15-21 and are not sure where you are heading, or need help getting some skills and finding a job, TtW is for you! The program is tailored to your individual needs and features a range of workshops for you to choose from.

ETC delivers TtW on the Mid North Coast and North Coast regions of NSW and on the Gold Coast. Our fun, friendly and professional team are here to help you access pathways to employment, education or both. They can help you map out your career goals, the skills you need and help you plan how to get there.

  • “I moved down from Queensland and ETC was telling me I needed to get a job because I had been on Centrelink for too long. So I did lots of job searching, my Jobs Advisor Mary Therese helped me with my Resume – which is what I’m sure got me the job here (at Red Rooster). ETC really pushed me which helped because at the time I didn’t really want a job, I just wanted to stay at home and bludge, but obviously that’s a bad thing. I’ve been happy ever since I got my job” – Tyler
  • “It was great being with ETC, even though it wasn’t for very long. They put me straight into a course and straight into interviews. I’m very pleased compared to my experience with other job agencies. ETC is a great one to go for” – Tashana
  • “ETC is fantastic. They helped me to find my last job and now this one. I don’t have much to do with them anymore because I’m busy working. They’re great people – Evan and Kesh” – Ben
  • “ETC helped me with getting a dishwasher here at work, which has made my job a lot easier, rather then having to do everything by hand. I really appreciate the support that they have given me. I want to say thank you” – Lachie
  • “Just wanted to say a big thank you to ETC because my life has really changed over the past few months. Especially because I do struggle a bit with anxiety and I used to be scared to even leave the house. But now I’m excited and leave with a smile on my face – I just enjoy being at work so much” – Reiner


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