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Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare – Trial – Hire)

Trial a job-ready young person in your business before you hire

Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare, Trial, Hire) is a flexible new approach to youth employment – it’s all about supporting young people to gain the skills and work experience they need to get and keep a job.

Employers benefit because you get to see firsthand how a potential new recruit is going to fit in your workplace, during a 4-12 week internship placement. You may also receive up to $10,000 in financial assistance when you hire an eligible young person.

Call ETC today on 1800 007 400 to find motivated young staff for your business or fill out the enquiry form and one of our team members will contact you.

There are 4 easy steps to PaTH:

Step 1: Find a candidate

You can find a suitable candidate to trial by contacting ETC. We will talk to you about your business needs and the skills and experience you would like your candidate to have. If you need someone with particular skills, certification or training, please let us know.

You can meet potential candidates yourself or we can do the screening and interviewing for you. Once you’ve found the right candidate for your trial, we will work with you to finalise the trial Internship Agreement.

Young intern and ETC business advisor

PaTH Intern Iulio Tavete with Stuart Morgan ETC Business Relationship Advisor.

Step 2: Host the trial

You will receive a payment of $1000 to help with the costs of hosting the trial, and the young person is covered by insurance purchased by the Australian Government. Trial participants are not paid by your business. Instead they receive a fortnightly incentive paid by the Government, on top of their income support payment.

Businesses are required to maintain a safe work environment, not only for employees, but also for those visiting the workplace such as someone undertaking a trial or work experience. ETC will assess the work environment for the trial with you. You will also need to provide your candidate with a supervisor and an induction appropriate to the activities and workplace of the trial.

To make the trial as beneficial as possible for your business and the intern, you should set meaningful and diverse tasks.

Step 3: Finalise the trial

To support the ongoing development of the young person, think about providing feedback to them and to ETC at the end of the trial. You might also consider providing a reference outlining the skills and attributes they demonstrated or learnt in your workplace.

If the trial candidate wasn’t the right fit for ongoing paid employment with your business, talk to ETC to ensure your requirements are clear before you host another trial.

Step 4: Hire

If you hire the young person, you may be eligible for a financial incentive of up to $10,000 (GST inclusive) to learn more read the Youth Bonus Wage Subsidies Fact Sheet

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Call ETC today on 1800 007 400 to find motivated young staff for your business or fill out the enquiry form and one of our team members will contact you.

Good News Stories

Advance Metal Industries Australia (AMIA) agreed to trial PaTH, which lead them to take on intern Matthew as a Trades Assistant. They were so impressed by Matthew that they offered him an Apprenticeship as a Glazier. Read the full story…

Riverside Jewellers Owner Shannon Cox went from being unsure if she would have the scope to employ another person – to now having a full-time Trainee. Read the full story…

What would you do if you had a staff member on leave with no one to fill in? Thanks to Youth Jobs PaTH, Gloucester Home Modifications were able to get someone to help out and were so impressed they hired him as a part-time employee. Read the full story…

Small business owners don’t have to do it all on their own. That’s the message from a sole trader in Wingham, Liz Jarvis, who recently took a leap of faith and trialled an Intern to help her get on top of her workload in her growing business – CSI Business Solutions. Read the full story…


Call ETC today on 1800 007 400 to book your free consultation or fill out the enquiry form and one of our team members will contact you.



Youth Jobs PaTH is an Australian Government initiative



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