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Charmaine (Astrid Harris) had been off work for a year due to an injury and was close to going on the Aged Pension. Unfortunately Charmaine’s husband lost his job and the prospect of staying home and trying to survive on their pensions was causing her great anxiety – as well as wondering whether she would get hired as an older worker.

So she was referred to our Disability Employment Services (DES) team who helped her return to the workforce.

Charmaine shares her story below.

“I met with my Jobs Advisor, Janet, at my Initial appointment. During our discussions, I advised Janet that at my age I was not confident that I would be able to get work as my son had suggested my age would be against me. He felt that I should not pressure myself to find employment and rather just retire as I had worked my entire adult life and had earned the privilege.

Charmaine at her new job

I didn’t feel that I was too old and still felt that I could contribute to the workforce, however I had resigned myself that employers would want younger Administration staff.

I was also mindful of the fact that I had been out of work for quite some time due to my injury.

Janet looked at my Resume and advised me that I certainly had a lot of skills to offer the right employer and there were employers out there who would prefer mature staff, but I still found this hard to comprehend. 

Janet started referring me to Administration positions that came in and offered support to get me into employment.

After a short while, Janet rang me with the news that I was chosen for a job interview. I went for the interview, still wondering why they would want to employ someone my age. The staff were lovely and I immediately felt I would love this role and be able to fit in and embrace the position.

Janet negotiated with ETC’s Business Relationship Advisor and the Employer to get me into the role and rang me a few days after the interview to advise that I was successful and they wanted me to commence work in 2 days’ time!

That was a couple of weeks ago now and I am really enjoying my work. I am so grateful to be contributing to the business and being productive once again. It has done absolute wonders to my mental health and self-worth.

Janet contacts me regularly to ensure I am happy in my role and to offer assistance where required. 

I would thoroughly recommend ETC as a Disability Employment Service Provider who helped me both as someone who returned to work after injury and as an older worker.”

Thanks Charmaine!

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