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Megan holding a roll standing in subway

We met with Megan Barry who shares her career story – starting as a Trainee and then working her way up to a Store Manager position.

Watch the video interview here or you can read a breakdown below.

Megan, tell us about your career progression

I finished High School in 2010 and then started University. After some time I dropped out because I found that it just wasn’t for me and decided to take a different path. 

I was hired as a Trainee with Subway in June 2012 at the age of 19 and I successfully completed my traineeship after 2 years. 

My manager Karina was an excellent trainer in-store which allowed me to gain experience and apply for Assistant Manager – which I was really excited about.  

I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in this new role which then gave me the confidence to accept the position of Store Manager when it became available. 

It’s interesting, with everything I’ve gone through over the past 6 years, to remember how I felt as the young Trainee and now I feel old seeing the young ones coming through. It’s great to see them have the opportunity to start out like I had. 

How did ETC’s Earn While You Learn Traineeship Program help you with this journey?

My natural progression up the Subway ladder would not have been possible without the traineeship. Going through the traineeship ultimately made me a better employee and therefore a better manager! 

The traineeship was excellently designed in that it built on what I was already learning in the work environment, but allowed for more in-depth understanding of the content. I learnt lots of different things over a wide variety of topics that I could successfully apply to the workplace. Food safety, WHS procedures, customer relations – all things that I had more of an idea about through the traineeship. 

The traineeship is an excellent opportunity to earn an income and receive a nationally accredited qualification for you future while working in a great team environment with the security of guaranteed hours.  

What was your experience like with ETC Training Services?

ETC are an excellent training service provider. I never experienced any issues during my traineeship and I always felt supported and guided through the process. The credit for me completing my traineeship must go to ETC Trainer Amba Bottrell, her guidance and support really helped me. She was always available for any questions or concerns I may have had, and consistently kept me on track to complete work on time and to her marking standard.

Thanks Megan!

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