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We met with Tom Graham from  Guzman Y Gomez on the Gold Coast to get the inside scoop to help job seekers who are interested in a career in the Fast Food industry.

You can watch our interview with Tom here, otherwise there is a breakdown below.


What qualities do you look for when hiring staff?

 “The number one thing we always look for – is the right attitude. We try to find that in Resumes and Interviews, but quite often its actually seeing new crew members in their role and how they perform in terms of the challenges they face.

 Working in our restaurant or any other business, there is going to be skills, processes etc that differ every time. We never expect new employees to come in here and be rock stars at their new role – it’s up to us to provide the right training, platform and environment for them to learn those things. As long as they have a positive attitude and willingness to learn.”

What stands out to you in a Resume?

“We don’t really look for anything in particular, more so the way in which people put pride into what they’ve written about – demonstrating confidence within themselves. 

 Sometimes it’s really obvious to see a staged Resume – that’s just there to tick the boxes.”

 Interview Tips

“Again, having that positive attitude and the confidence to demonstrate and reflect on who you are and what you are about. 

 It’s always going to be a nervous environment doing an interview and we’re mindful not to put people into uncomfortable situations. 

 One thing we often ask our interviewees is whether they have actually eaten at GYG. I would expect that you have at least tried our food or have a knowledge of our services before coming in for an interview.”

 What are the opportunities for growth with GYG?

 “All of our team start in some of the entry level positions and can then grow further with added responsibility in terms of running the shift, running the restaurant and beyond that. We have a conscious approach to providing an avenue for all of our employees to become partners in the business as well – meaning that crew members have the opportunity to work towards becoming a restaurant owner themselves one day.”

 Thanks Tom!

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