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Support for Gold Coast firefighters

With a strong desire to help the Firefighters battling the blazes around the Beechmont area, ETC’s Gold Coast staff reached out to the Coordinators assisting local Firefighters on the front line. It turned out that they had been eating copious amounts of sandwiches for the past week, and whilst they were extremely grateful, the feedback was that they had a strong desire for some home cooked meals to help sustain them.

As a result, ETC staff and CTA (Career Transition Assistance) Participants banded together as a team and developed a plan of meals. They managed to source containers from a local supplier including cutlery to go with it. Everyone brought in various cooking items from home including – pots, electric fry pans, tables, a portable stove, cutting boards and knives. Each person in the CTA group, very passionate about this worthwhile cause, also donated some of their own food.

Once the equipment and ingredients were all organised, everyone worked hard to prepare meals cooked with love. In total, 76 various meals were made – each with a little message and smiley face to go with it.

These included:

  • Sausages, Mashed Potato and Vegetables
  • Chicken Drumsticks & Spanish Rice
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • Pasta & Cheese

The meals were collected from ETC’s office in Coomera and taken up to the thankful Firefighters.

ETC’s CTA Trainer Anneliese Diaz said watching the participants come together, plan, budget, bring in items from home and work from their hearts had been an incredible activity to watch.

“I can see that they are feeling a strong sense of self-worth, knowing that they have made a positive difference within their local community! This activity was also such a great way to show them the value of team work and allowed them the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves,” Ms Diaz said.

Need support gaining employment, skills or training? ETC’s Career Transition Assistance (CTA) Program can help!

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