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WORKIT. is ETC’s innovative training delivery model!

WORKIT. was designed to allow our students to spend more time “learning by doing” instead of the traditional classroom and workbook method. This model turns “Industry into our classroom”.

It is delivered in a three-staged approach:

Stage 1: Classroom

  • To gain basic employability, safety and industry knowledge

Stage 2: Supervised on the job

  • Our trainer has a small group in industry and trains them on the job
  • A variety of shift hours are incorporated into the learning to expose students to actual work hours.

Stage 3: Students complete 1/1 individual work experience

  •  This is conducted at several different venues

Why you will love our model:

  • Students gain a greater level of practical skills.
  • There is an increased confidence in our students by having their trainer educate them in industry.
  • We see first-hand and early on whether individuals are suited to this industry.
  • Partner employers have increased opportunities to hand select the best fit for their team when recruiting for new staff.
  • Our students feel they are part of a whole team and have to learn quickly to respect and abide by industry requirements. This enhances their work readiness.
  • As our trainer has full responsibility of their training group and not the current staff, it means the group are helpful and can provide assistance in many of the daily tasks required.

Our WORKIT. courses can be delivered as a short or full qualification course in the following industries: Hospitality, House Keeping, Retail, Childcare, Aged Care, Disability, and Business/Administration.

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