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You’re invited to become a program partner in our exciting new Retail industry training program!

In return, you will:

  • Be part of shaping the future of the retail workforce
  • Be exposed to retail warriors who have been profile matched to suit working in your industry
  • Accommodate retail warriors up to 2 weeks in your business
  • Train potential new recruits your way
  • Save time and money by not recruiting staff the traditional way
Become a Sell IT Program Partner

Fill out our Sell IT Partnership Agreement form or contact your local ETC Training Manager on 1800 007 400.

Participant Program – How Sell IT Works

Step 1: Get Accepted

Retail warriors attend a one-on-one interview with ETC outlining their interest and suitability for retail work. They need to be able to promote themselves and explain why they should be selected into the Sell IT program.

Step 2: Get Ready

Participate in 5 days of workshop based learning with ETC to get ready for their retail industry journey.

Complete a skills profile to ensure they are matched with the right employer.

Step 3: Get Skilled

Gain industry experience during 2 weeks workplace training with a retail industry partner.

Step 4: Get Ahead!

The pathway retail warriors choose after going through the program is completely up to them and the employer but may include the following options:

Employment – Internship – Traineeship

Further Study – Additional Industry Experience



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