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How students secure hospitality, housekeeping & cleaning jobs at Paradise Resort through the ETC WorkIT Program 

With the Gold Coast tourist sector ramping back up since state borders have reopened, many hotels are again reaping the benefits of full capacity.

This is great news for job seekers because it means there are extra housekeeping, hospitality, and cleaning jobs available.

One way employers are sourcing new staff, is through ETC’s popular WorkIT Program.

WorkIT, the brainchild of ETC, is a great way for businesses to trial and train potential staff.

And it’s a great way for potential staff to get a taste of their desired industry.

What is involved in ETC’s WorkIT Program?

The program runs for three weeks, and combines ETC’s Intro to General Services course with two weeks of work experience.

“In their first-week students are on-site in one of our training rooms undertaking some theory with one of ETC’s Trainers – which helps them to become familiar with the environment of the resort,” Paradise Resort HR Manager, Danielle said.

“Then during the following two weeks, we place them in different departments around the resort.”

“I think the main benefit for having the ETC WorkIT program here is getting to know the students and their past experiences – and learning about how they can apply their skills within the hospitality industry,” said Danielle.

The program helps job seekers to gain experience and confidence, while demonstrating their skills to potential employers.

“So far ETC has run four WorkIT Programs with Paradise Resort, which have all been very successful,” said ETC Recruitment Account Manager Heidi.

“They’ve all received really positive feedback from resort HR manager Danielle, plus amazing feedback from our students.”

How has the program helped participant Hifumi secure a cleaning job?

After completing a recent WorkIT program with Paradise Resort, student Hifumi was very excited to be offered ongoing employment as a Housekeeper.

“Before meeting ETC and starting the program, I was very worried about my future,” said Hifumi

“I had applied myself through online job application systems, but I did not have any luck finding a job.”

“But then I started the WorkIT training program, and was offered a part-time role with Paradise Resort, with the prospect of moving into full-time employment after six months!”

For job seekers with limited experience, this is the perfect way to get their foot in the door with prospective employers.

It gives them the opportunity to learn in a more comfortable working environment and then impress employers on the job.

“We’ve had a lot of people gain employment through completing the work programs, with around about 85% of the people who complete the program, then moving onto employment,” said Heidi.

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